Mi. 08.01.: Internationaler Abend „Australia“

Themen- und Länderabend auf Englisch mit Graham Howard, Englisches Seminar CAU

The AustraliaGJH364 Resolute Beach 02n continent was claimed as part of the British Empire, although they were not the first Europeans to ‘discover’ it. Since colonisation began in the late 1780s, the country has gained its independence, but in terms of its constitution and its social ideals, has not completely separated itself from the British Empire. Although immigration has created a multi-cultural society, it is yet unclear as to whether this has assisted in creating one with a true identity.
Modern Australia is a country that is divided over many issues: accepting past wrongs, particularly the numerous cases of genocide against the indigenous populations; how it situates itself in a world when it is socially and politically European, yet geographically Asian; and how it manages its natural resources during a period of environmental responsibilities.
This talk will provide an overview of many aspects: the way Australia came to be a single country; the important moments in its development during modern history; the importance of the First World War in establishing a national identity within the population; and the social and political issues which currently drive a country intent on economic development.

19:30 Uhr: Internationaler Abend Australien mit Buffet

Photo: Graham Howard

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